Majors and Programs

International Politics Major

Researcher training programs feature cutting-edge international politics research and full career enhancement.

This major has two core programs: the Security Program and the Global Governance Program. Both have broad-ranging curricula that are useful for both practical applications and research, covering everything from the basics of international politics to specialized security and global governance theory and policy. Intensive courses are also available.

Guidelines and Career Plans for the Major

The objective is to gain the ability to theoretically grasp and empirically analyze international politics, developing the ability to find practical solutions to international problems.

This major includes students from a variety of backgrounds: those whose ambition is to do specialized research after studying topics in international politics for their undergraduate thesis, those who did not major in international politics in their undergraduate studies, and working adults entering the school by taking the Academic Return exam. All of these people learn everything—from the basics of international politics to specialized knowledge—in the limited space of just two years. Students complete a master’s thesis on their own topics. To make all of this possible, the graduate school offers an incredibly wide range of subjects and provides an education carefully centered on small class sizes.
After receiving their degree, graduates go on to work in a variety of companies, to improve their careers in government ministries such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense, to work as staff at international organizations, to continue their studies or study abroad in graduate schools in Japan and overseas, including attending this school’s doctoral program, with many becoming university professors.