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Graduate School Features

Introducing a Four-Program System

The Graduate School of International Politics, Economics, and Communication has a four-program system. The four programs are as follows: the Security Program, the Global Governance Program, the International Economics Program, and the International Communication Program. Each course has an interdisciplinary curriculum that comprehensively combines the academic fields closely tied to the international community that is a major feature of this graduate school. Students can research more specialized fields in a deep and diversified way.

Three Reasons for Why the Graduate School of International Politics, Economics and Communication is Suitable for Research

1. Class Hours

The programs can be completed by taking classes at night and on Saturdays.
We achieve learning that fits the lifestyle of working adults.

2. A Diverse Approach to Research

As a professional, as a dedicated researcher, as a part of one’s life’s work...
This is a space for achieving diverse research goals.
Students can improve their career prospects through research in fields such as politics, economics, and communication (linguistics, cultural studies, communication science): topics not found in business schools.

3. Getting to Aoyama Gakuin University

The nearest stations are Omote-Sando and Shibuya which are a 5 minute walk and a 10 minute walk.
The journey from major stations to Omote-Sando and Shibuya takes as follows;

You can find more information on public transportation travel on the Japan Transit Planner.