Majors and Programs

International Economics Major

Use a global perspective to learn about diverse economic events and open up new horizons

We offer a space to research and education that contributes to intellectual understanding, analysis, policy planning, and corporate strategy based on a logical grasp of issues primarily related to international finance, trade, development, the environment, and international management. With about 30 years of history, this department produces many talented people engaged in various industry roles, including university researchers, general company managers, and institutional researchers.

Guidelines and Career Plans for the Major

Students aim to get a logical grasp of international economic events, analyze them empirically, and develop the ability to solve international economic problems.

This major has three main characteristics. The first is a class structure that balances theory and proof. The second is a class structure complete with topics related to international economics, particularly international finance, international trade, and economic development. The third is a class structure that allows students to start from an intermediate level of economics education. Through these features, working adults who have not studied economics in a long time, and those who did not study economics for their undergraduate degree, can enhance their understanding of international economics and their analytical skills, with a program designed to help them achieve their goals of applying their learning in a practical way. Career plans after receiving the master’s degree include working as analysts at private companies or think tanks, or continuing on the research path by entering a doctoral program or studying abroad. Students continuing on to doctoral studies later work as university instructors or as institutional researchers.