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Department of International Communication

Contribute to society by cultivating an eye for examining communication from multiple perspectives: between individuals, between people and society, and among societies.

The Department of International Communication researches and educates students about the various diverse and complex issues facing the international community, primarily from the three perspectives of language, regional and comparative cultures, and communication. The department aims to cultivate talented individuals capable of succeeding internationally as they work to solve these issues.

In an international community undergoing drastic changes, many events take place that cannot be managed with political or economic perspectives alone. With this in mind, the new Department of International Communication was established in 2006 to produce a new academic discipline and research perspective to cover 21st-century international events.

This department provides opportunities to use theory to study the issues of people and their organizations within the international community from the three perspectives of language, regional and comparative cultures, and communication. Based on this education, we cultivate talent capable of contributing to the resolution of issues through smooth, real communication with people from other cultures.

An Eye on the Future

Based on what they learned in this program, graduates can work meaningfully in various areas, including broadcasting, newspapers, advertising, and other branches of the media industry; trading companies, the service industry, logistics, and finance; various foreign cooperative groups, international exchange businesses, and interpretation and translation fields. The program also opens doors to opportunities to continue your studies at graduate schools in Japan or overseas, and it further develops your expertise.

Sample Seminar Thesis Topics

  • The Status of Freedom of Expression Based on Reports of the Charlie Hebdo Attack
  • The Validity of Covering Market Size Topics in LGBT Workplace Training: Analysis of the Recent Working Environment in Japan
  • The Effects of Experience Abroad in the Search for Employment: Focus on Study Abroad in the English-Speaking World
  • Communication Shifts in an AI Society

Graduation and Other Requirements