SIPEC Distinction

Special Lectures

A special curriculum that invites leading scholars from overseas. Relay courses by lecturers active in the real world.

Special courses at SIPEC are taught by lecturers active at the forefront of their fields

These are relay-type lectures in which several invited lecturers take turns giving instruction on one subject. Unlike courses taught by full-time faculty, these donated courses offer hints and suggestions for students who are thinking about their path going forward. Special courses offer students the chance to hear directly from people working in various areas of the real world about their work and activities in various settings.

Main courses include “Japanese Foreign and Security Policy,” taught by Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff, including current diplomats; and “Peace and Security in Japan,” taught by directors and section managers of the Ministry of Defense.
The lineup of unique lecturers active in the forefront of their respective fields is a major draw for this series of lectures.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Japanese Foreign and Security Policy”

This lecture series is given by four leading members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (section manager level) who are at the forefront of Japanese diplomacy. With a wide-ranging set of topics to be covered, the objective is to understand Japanese diplomacy in living color, along with its current status and challenges.

Ministry of Defense: “Peace and Security in Japan”

This lecture series began about ten years ago, with the cooperation of the Minister of Defense. The objective is for students to gain general knowledge about Japan’s defense policies by attending lectures directly given by four senior officials in the Ministry of Defense, who are versed in the realities of defense policy.

Special Lecture by SMBC Nikko Securities Group: “Introduction to Securities Fundamentals and Asset Selection”

The instructor of this lecture has been stationed overseas three times, has traveled for business to 40 different countries, and has a deep knowledge of world affairs, lending a sense of reality to the lecture. Students will not only acquire knowledge, as this lecture has been developed to have them master flexible thinking skills and discernment capable of responding to changing trends and times.

The Japan Foundation and Others “International Exchange Practicum”

Led by experts with a great deal of practical experience and offered with the cooperation of the Japan Foundation, this in an omnibus-style lecture series that uses a field-based perspective to discuss the three areas of cultural and arts exchange, Japanese language education overseas, and Japanese studies and intellectual exchange.

Special Lectures by Visiting Foreign Professors

This program began in 2002, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of SIPEC. The program allows students to have a kind of “study abroad experience” within the school by attending intensive lectures by top professors from overseas over a period of several days during their summer holiday. Each year, specialists are invited to give classes in English. Not just a chance to experience the excitement of seeing world-class scholars, this series is also recommended for students preparing to study abroad.

Special Lectures in the Department of International Politics “Special Topics in International Politics I,” “UN Studies”)

William W. Grimes (Boston University)
Paul Midford (Norwegian National University for Science and Technology)
T.V.Paul (McGill University)
Kelle, Alexander (OPCW, Netherlands)
Easley, Leif-Eric (Ewha Univ., Korea)
Zhao, Quansheng (American Univ., US)
Kiyoshi Matsukawa (Department of Political Affairs, the United Nations)
Yasuhiro Ueki (UN)

Special Lecture in the Department of International Economics (“Special Lecture on International Economics V”)

Frank Rövekamp (Ludwigshafen Economics University)

Special Lectures in the Department of International Communication (“Special Topics in Cross-Cultural Communication I/Special Lecture in Cross-Cultural Communication I,” “Special Topics in International Communication”) (graduate level courses)

Katsuyo Sugiyama (Sole Proprietor Leadership Coach & Bilingual Facilitator)
Janet M. Bennett (Executive Director of the Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI))

*Affiliations noted at the time of the special lecture.