Majors and Programs

International Communication Major

Education and research on the human activities of language, culture, and communication from a global point of view

This major began in 1994 as the International Business Major, and it then became the International Communication Major in 1996. Students and faculty always pursue creative and groundbreaking research through cooperation with foreign graduate schools and research institutions, while valuing the accumulation of rich experiences.

Guidelines and Career Plans for the Major

Students aim to learn the theory and application skills in areas of language, culture, and communication needed to explain international events.

This major teaches students to analyze and consider events and issues in the international community from the perspective of international communication, and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to construct and convey knowledge that contributes to understanding events and explaining phenomena. After earning their degrees, many graduates use their research information and skills in private research agencies, or they use their international communication expertise and language abilities to work at global firms. Furthermore, many students who entered the program as working adults were already highly skilled professionals working in fields including interpretation, translation, foreign language education, or Japanese language education, or they were working for global firms or independent agencies. Earning their degrees opens up more opportunities for further skills improvement and career promotions.
This program also produces many graduates who are engaged in university or graduate level education as full-time or part-time instructors.