Departments and Programs

Department of International Politics

Learn the diverse realities of the international community, and use your own abilities to actively work to resolve issues between nations, within regions, and on a global scale

With a curriculum specialized in international politics, the Department of International Politics offers a historical, ideological, and theoretical understanding of issues facing the international community, the region, and Japan. Students learn to understand and respect different cultures and value systems. We cultivate talent that is able to think proactively and take action to resolve international issues.

This department offers two programs that take different approaches to international politics: the Political Diplomacy and Security Program, and the Global Governance Program. Both programs have systematic curricula that provide rich learning opportunities to think deeply about various issues facing the international community and to study international politics seriously. Through learning theory, history, and regional topics both broadly and deeply, students learn the workings of international society, gain the ability to solve diverse problems, and aim to become capable of contributing to the international community.

An Eye on the Future

Security Program

Graduates of this program work for Japan, for the region, and for the world: they work as civil servants, diplomats, and staff of international organizations. They may also take the approach of working within international departments at private companies. Students also learn international politics systematically, from the basics to practical applications, opening the door for those who aim to continue their studies at graduate schools in Japan or overseas and become researchers.

Global Governance Program

Graduates of this program contribute to the resolution of global issues in staff roles at international organizations, government offices, or NGOs, or they work as international journalists. Their workplace is the world as a whole. As specialists in global governance, they also have the opportunity to further their expertise by continuing their studies at graduate schools in Japan or overseas.

Sample Seminar Thesis Topics

  • A Study of China’s Real Estate Bubble and Real Estate Policies
  • Community Media and Female Empowerment in East Africa
  • Local Government Diplomacy in Japan-South Korea Sister City Exchanges
  • Japan’s National Power and Foreign Security Policies: A Comparison Based on the History of the Oil Industry
  • The Relationship Between Regional Identity and National Identity: A Case Study of the British and Scottish Independence Movements

Graduation and Other Requirements