Departments and Programs

Department of International Economics

Learn the realities facing the international economic community, and work in the international community to solve problems between nations, regions, and businesses.

The Department of International Economics offers curricula specialized in international economics and development economics. Students gain an historical, theoretical, and quantitative understanding of the issues facing the international community, the region, and Japan (especially international economic interdependence, etc.). This department cultivates talent that understands and respects different cultures and value systems, and it nurtures students who can think and act proactively to resolve these issues.

This department offers two programs that follow different approaches to international economics: the International Economic Policy Program, and the International Business Program. Both programs have systemic curricula that provide rich learning opportunities to think deeply about the various issues facing the international economy and to seriously study international economics. By learning theory, history, and regional topics both broadly and deeply, students learn the workings of international society, gain the ability to solve diverse problems, and aim to become capable of contributing to the international community.

An Eye on the Future

International Economic Policy Program

Participants in this program are expected to be involved in international finance or in economic development in developing countries. Additionally, this program’s curriculum follows the content taught at foreign universities in countries such as the United States, so students who go abroad to these countries for graduate school can adjust smoothly. This program has produced alumnae who have already received graduate degrees in the US and Canada, and it has produced others who are active in US universities or companies.

International Business Program

This program is ideal for those whose ambition is to work in import and export companies, trading companies that are expanding internationally, or in finance. The skills you develop in this program will support your activities in the world of international business.

Sample Seminar Thesis Topics

  • Locational Determinants of R&D Internationalization by U.S. Multinational Enterprises
  • An Analysis of Countries’ Attractiveness as a Possible Determining Factor in Receiving Foreign Direct Investment
  • A Comparison of Family Finances in Developing Countries, With and Without the Use of Financial Institutions: Family Financial Data in Rural Philippines
  • The Development of Cashless Payment from the Perspective of Credit Card Business
  • Life Satisfaction of Female Heads of Household in the US

Graduation and Other Requirements