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Overview of Entrance Examinations for the Graduate School of International Politics, Economics, and Communication

This page will provide an overview of the entrance examinations for the Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School of International Politics, Economics, and Communication. As a graduate school that has both day and night classes, our doors are open in response to the academic aspirations of working adults and foreign exchange students who seek advanced academic research. We are creating more learning opportunities for people who work in occupations that demand deep knowledge and understanding of specialized fields, and for foreign exchange students who want to enhance their international studies in Japan.

A Graduate School Open to Society

Academic Return Entrance Exam

The Academic Return entrance exam is for people with 20 or more years of practical experience in public agencies, private companies, journalism, or education. Admission is determined by the applicant’s research plan and an interview only, and there is no written exam. For those who are approaching retirement age, or who have already retired, we provide a space to receive a state-of-the-art education once again. This is a chance to use your experience and knowledge built up over many years and engage in advanced research.

Master’s Programs (Academic Year 2020)

Master’s programs: daytime and nighttime class system

Admission Capacity

International Politics Major (Security Program, Global Governance Program): 25 people
International Economics Major (International Economics Program): 20 people
International Communication Major (International Communication Program): 25 people

Doctoral Programs (Academic Year 2020)

Doctoral programs: day and night class system

Admission Capacity

International Politics Major: 3 people
International Economics Major: 3 people
International Communication Major: 3 people